2014 Show “Stolichny has got a talent”

23 октября в лицее был праздник английского языка – 2014 Show
“Stolichny has got a talent”.
С программой праздника можно познакомиться здесь.
Фоторепортаж и “иронический”, но очень искрений отзыв одного из
учеников можно посмотреть и прочитать здесь.

It was extremely pleasing to see infants of age that varies greatly
taking such a great effort in learning a foreign language.

The show itself was intended not only to show how far young learners
advanced, yet also to reveal the number of bright talents our school
has. I was impressed with passion for learning and happiness in
children’s eyes as they performed almost professionally on the stage.

What a great show!

Best regards,

Daniel K.