Неделя английского языка

24 мая в ЦО “Лицей “Столичный” проводилась игра “Moscow, I love you” в рамках недели английского языка. Фоторепортаж и отзыв одного из членов жюри:
“It’s really nice to be back to school with its unique atmosphere. Especially it’s cool to be one of the jury in a competition that you participated in years ago. Impossible to describe how amazing it is to see how kids are doing their first steps in learning English and students from the middle school showing off all their knowledge. All in all, the game was challenging – with a lot of interesting questions and even more interesting answers. Huge thanks to the teachers for bringing English to our lives and of course thanks to all the students who made this happened.” (Anastasia Kurysheva)