Фоторепортаж с открытого урока

23 сентября 2014 года лицей принимал гостя – преподавателя химии David Kurten. Давид провел урок химии для учащихся 7 – 11 классов на английском языке. Смотрите фоторепортаж.


“This idea to have an English chemistry lesson was brilliant. Everyone seemed to be very interested and keen on taking part in the activities.”

“This whole lesson went pretty amazing. Nobody looked bored or annoyed. The teacher was very friendly to everyone and gave us a fascinating material. Moreover, we even did some experiments.
I am sincerely looking forward to having more lessons like that.”

“The lesson was absolutely incredible. The whole material was wonderful and every student was excited to have a lesson like that! Wish we had it more often!”

“We enjoyed that chemistry lesson! The teacher was great, and so were the experiments!”

“I liked it a lot. The teacher was very friendly and communicative.”